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Welcome to Selby DIAL News Pages.  You will find various articles here to keep you informed on what is happening in the local community as well as the goings on at DIAL.  We hope you enjoy the information here, but don’t forget to check out our Noticeboard Page before you go!

From 1 April there are new rules for Housing Benefit for working age people living in homes owned by the Council or a housing association. Housing Benefit will no longer pay for bedrooms that are not used. This is known as 'under-occupying'. Visit for more information if this is likely to affect you.


Council Tax Support replaces Council Tax Benefit. This change affects any working age person who claims this support. Pensioners are protected and will see no change. All working age people will have the amount they receive restricted. If this affects you, you will have to pay the first 8.5% of your Council Tax bill. That means, for some, you will be expected to pay some Council Tax for the first time.

Again, there is more information on the Selby Council website at

Changes to Housing 
and Council Tax Benefits
Total Advocacy

An advocate can help and support you to be fully involved in decisions that affect YOU!


Are you struggling to stay involved in decisions about your health and wellbeing or about where you live?

Or maybe you know someone else who needs support?

Health and Social Care processes can be complicated. Some of us need a bit of help to make sure our views are heard.

Advocates ensure people are involved in decisions about them.

Some people have a legal right to an advocate e.g. if they are detained under the Mental Health Act or have substantial difficulty engaging in social care processes.

Please contact us

For more information

01609 765355

Total Advocacy, c/o Cloverleaf Advocacy, 9 Wellington Road, Dewsbury WF13 1HF

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