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NYCC Stronger Communities

Disability Awareness Training


Stronger Communities is a programme run by North Yorkshire County Council to support communities to play a greater role in the delivery of services in the county.

Disability Awareness Training

Selby and District DIAL are delivering a new Disability Awareness Training service as part of the Stronger Communities programme.

Disability Awareness Training will be presented by people with disabilities, who will provide first-hand, true experiences of the issues and problems associated with living with a disability.

Attitudes against people with a disability are the main barriers to living an ordinary life, free from discrimination, and accessing and actively participating in community life, and people are often discriminated and further disabled by the society/community around them.

To tackle these issues, we aim to support people with a disability to take the lead in changing attitudes within their local community to build a stronger community, and to provide Disability Awareness Training to young people in the area within an educational setting, in conjunction with the education authority.

This training will contribute to the citizenship study programmes: preparing pupils to play a full and active part in society as responsible citizens by providing knowledge, skills and a better understanding of disability, diversity, and the need for mutual respect, and understanding the different ways in which citizens can contribute to the improvement of his or her community and the lives of people with a disability, to promote stronger communities with citizens working together to tackle their problems.

This project will be managed by a Disability Awareness Co-ordinator and delivered by our volunteers with a disability, working in partnership with Selby District Disability Forum volunteers, to young people in Key Stage 3 and 4 in local schools and to young adults in the local college. We have liaised with teachers and guidance support tutors and developed disabled student focus groups, to enable this training to be developed and to ascertain the most appropriate and effective methods of delivery. It is envisaged that as a result of this project, disabled and vulnerable people will experience less discrimination and improved relationships, experiences and connections within their local community, due to local young people being more informed and having a better understanding of disability and diversity from the perspective of people with disabilities.

       Run in conjunction with Selby District Disability Forum.

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